所有关于获取中国的T.E.F.L / T.S.O.L认证,他们是什么以及如何在中国获得TEFL。


  TEFL certification is one of the things that I am being asked more and more nowadays. Almost every new recruit wanting to do this great experience is either fresh out of  uni or doing it for a refreshing and beneficial change from their normal typical lifestyle. Thus, there is demand for a cost effective, high quality and quick TEFL certification method. So, using our good friend Google, here is a review of 5 of the many many sites offering that all important certification. 1) TEFLcourse.net http://www.teflcourse.net Price for 120 hour certification: $240 TEFLcourse.net is the site that i personally used…



为了在中国和世界各地教育英语,您需要TEFL证书。用于获得TEFL证书的方式和手段广泛,获得认证可以花费几百美元到数千美元的任何东西。通过分离为两个不同的选项,在线和离线,可以更容易地制作选择。 offlineteFL认证通常是更具结构化,冗长且成本更高的,而在线TEFL认证通常更快,不那么正式,具有较少的结构性培训和更低的成本。离线课程脱机认证通常包括您参加一些讲座…